Monday, 27 December 2010

Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink to live

Martha's Vineyard Glitterball <3

So last night, i decided it was time to hit the tiles and have a night out on the town.  I usually have a good few nights out over the festive period but i was unfortunate this year and got hit by the dreaded lurgy ... yeah i had a cold .. or, when feeling particularly dramatic, the flu (said with a feeble cough and whiny voice).  Even though i am still battling a nasty cough i thought i'd 'man up' and put on some slap, get out the gladrags and go out for a vodka or two.

I must admit i'm one of these whose idea of a good night on the town is to get drunk and dance like a lunatic until i can't feel my feet any more.  We get a bad press.  'Why can't you have a good night out without feeling the need to get slaughtered?' our tea total friends or Grandmas moan.  I understand this view, i really do.  But i don't NEED to get drunk to have a good time, i have had many fantastic nights where not a drop of alcohol passes my lips.  But, a night on the town, sober, to me, is hell.  Last night confirmed this to me.  I wasn't drunk, at all, which made me look down on the drunken louts that were out, they kept bumping into me, dancing stupidly, spilled their drinks, bantered with strangers and all seemed about 12 years old.  I can tolerate these people much more when i am one of them.  I found myself tucked up in bed by midnight with a cup of tea ... feeling .... past it :(  But I do enjoy feeling drunk, i find things funnier, i believe i can dance like a Pussycat Doll and i don't feel the cold as much ... maybe it helps that i hardly ever suffer from hangovers.  I had 2 this year (and countless nights out being drunk) but if i was one of these that always felt it the morning after ... i'd be one of our tea total friends going 'Why can't you have a good night out without feeling the need to get slaughtered?'

I also don't see the point in the 'i'm only having one or two' mentality ... now i know it's not all of them, but the majority of alcoholic drinks don't have that nice a taste to them especially in comparison to soft drinks and are also more expensive.  Take lager for example, vile stuff ... i still maintain that blokes only drink it to 'look like a bloke' and women drink it with some kind of (maybe subconscious) 'anything you can do ...' mentality. So i wouldn't see the point in people having it without doing so for it's intoxicating qualities.... so if you are having one, have lots :-)

After writing that .... i fancy a vodka x

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