Friday, 10 August 2012

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

Ot oh …. I’m scared I might be turning into a boy.  I’m starting to like boys films .. this worries me.  Last night I went to watch the new Batman movie and thoroughly enjoyed it and got stupidly excited at the idea that there might be a fourth.  There. better. be. a. fourth.  Granted I’ve never been a chick flick kind of girl, I like some chick flicks but only the better quality of chick flick like Bridesmaids or the classics such as Dirty Dancing, but ask me to watch something starring Channing Tatum, Lindsay Lohan the cast of Gossip Girl/Vampire Diaries/Glee or anything based in an American high school and I’ll probably say no, run away or fall asleep.  But similarly if I have to watch a film starring Van Damme, Statham (although he is beautiful!) or the former Governor of California then you’ll probably find that my phone is out for the majority of it .. sending out some kind of SOS text.  I can’t be doing with films that have more guns, blood and gore than it does dialogue.  So why did I like Batman?  Comic books are stupid, stories for kids/grownup kids (ahem.. geeks).  Granted Christian Bale is not at all bad to look at, especially with lack of shirt … he does however seem to put on some comedy Batman voice, which kinda sounds like the voices girls do when we put a man voice on.  Oh oh and Michael Caine is in it, I love Michael Caine!  Him and Ray Winstone have the best voices in the history of the world.  I also really liked Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, i'm a bit biased though because i've always quite liked the Hathaway. And then there is the supervillain .. Bane? Something like that .. he's suitably scary and has also been given a comedy voice.  I did do a bit of a random giggle half way through the film at a particularly suspenseful dramatic - not comediac -point when i realied what his voice reminded me of, the X Factor voiceover man!!! He sounded just like him .. i half expected him to go "I will kill you Batman ... it's Rachel Adedeje!!!!"

Oh oh i can't talk about Batman without honourable mention to the late Heath Ledger as Joker in the Dark Knight .. he was actually, completely amazing it.  Hollywood definitely lost one of the good ones.

ok this blog post seems a bit mish mashed, it's late, and my mind is being rubbish after a bad nights sleep so i've kinda just written stuff as my mind is coming up with it, rather than trying to think coherently and organise my thoughts ... i shall probably do a massive edit at some point.  I can't even think of a suitable way to end the post ... so, erm, yeah, The End.