Friday, 31 December 2010

For Auld Langs Syne, my dear

This year i'm staying in.  I love New Years eve i really do, but i'm being all sensible ... i'm poor .. so, i'm going to save my money for a big one in the new year on a day when they haven't inflated club entry prices or trebled taxi rates.

I hope you have a fabulous one, whatever it is you are doing x

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

I heard a little story the other day about something my 4 year old Cousin Eva said that made me giggle.  For some reason during a conversation between her Mother and a friend the word 'twat' was mentioned.  As most will be aware, say something you shouldn't and a child will notice that bit and that bit only.  She stopped what she was doing and piped up.

"i've got a boyfriend called Mark" then she frowned "he's a bit of a twat"

I'm not sure whether her Mum had the heart to tell her that this is usually the case with boyfriends ....

Monday, 27 December 2010

Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink to live

Martha's Vineyard Glitterball <3

So last night, i decided it was time to hit the tiles and have a night out on the town.  I usually have a good few nights out over the festive period but i was unfortunate this year and got hit by the dreaded lurgy ... yeah i had a cold .. or, when feeling particularly dramatic, the flu (said with a feeble cough and whiny voice).  Even though i am still battling a nasty cough i thought i'd 'man up' and put on some slap, get out the gladrags and go out for a vodka or two.

I must admit i'm one of these whose idea of a good night on the town is to get drunk and dance like a lunatic until i can't feel my feet any more.  We get a bad press.  'Why can't you have a good night out without feeling the need to get slaughtered?' our tea total friends or Grandmas moan.  I understand this view, i really do.  But i don't NEED to get drunk to have a good time, i have had many fantastic nights where not a drop of alcohol passes my lips.  But, a night on the town, sober, to me, is hell.  Last night confirmed this to me.  I wasn't drunk, at all, which made me look down on the drunken louts that were out, they kept bumping into me, dancing stupidly, spilled their drinks, bantered with strangers and all seemed about 12 years old.  I can tolerate these people much more when i am one of them.  I found myself tucked up in bed by midnight with a cup of tea ... feeling .... past it :(  But I do enjoy feeling drunk, i find things funnier, i believe i can dance like a Pussycat Doll and i don't feel the cold as much ... maybe it helps that i hardly ever suffer from hangovers.  I had 2 this year (and countless nights out being drunk) but if i was one of these that always felt it the morning after ... i'd be one of our tea total friends going 'Why can't you have a good night out without feeling the need to get slaughtered?'

I also don't see the point in the 'i'm only having one or two' mentality ... now i know it's not all of them, but the majority of alcoholic drinks don't have that nice a taste to them especially in comparison to soft drinks and are also more expensive.  Take lager for example, vile stuff ... i still maintain that blokes only drink it to 'look like a bloke' and women drink it with some kind of (maybe subconscious) 'anything you can do ...' mentality. So i wouldn't see the point in people having it without doing so for it's intoxicating qualities.... so if you are having one, have lots :-)

After writing that .... i fancy a vodka x

Sunday, 26 December 2010

A few pictures

I don't take nearly enough pictures, i've decided i will take more.  I don't have a posh camera ... or even a less posh camera, it's a phone camera, so i have it on me all the time ... i really have no excuse to not.
This is a picture of my favourite thing in my house.  I'm sad because it has changed.  Last night, i knocked it over.  On each of the 'o's of 'follow' was something that meant a lot to me. 

On the first was a stone, a pebble to be more precise, i aquired it when doing a bit of contemplation in our work chapel.  I'm not religious.  At all.  But our chapel at work is a beautiful place, i work in a Hospice, it's not necessarily a place for worship (well it is also) but people just go there for quiet time, to grieve, to think about their loved ones .. many different reasons.  Our amazing Chaplain puts things in there sporadically to make it more beautiful, upon this visit of mine there was a dish of pebbles, the idea was you made a wish then chose a pebble to keep and represent it ... i wished for love.

Not that I believe that this in anyway would help me in achieving said wish but i thought it was nice, so i kept my pebble, i've had it for about a year now

On the second was a heart pin badge, one of those small ones you get from a High Street shop in exchange for putting a pound in a cardboard collecting box.  This was a British Heart Foundation badge.  I aquired this when we  found out about my baby Nephew Alfie's heart problems (he has Transposition of the Great Arteries, hole in the heart and a closed valve).  To me ... it was Alfie's heart.

When i knocked it over last night everything fell off it behind my cabinet, i've since moved the cabinet and looked behind it ... nothing ... i have absolutely no idea where they could have gone ... i just know that they have gone ... i will however, keeping looking behind, perhaps daily, just incase they appear as quick as they disappeared.

Anyway, do as the sign says.

A few pictures of where i live in the snow the other week.  It was up to my knees, i have seen snow here many a times, but never that deep.  I love snow, for about 3 days i thought it was amazing .. then, i decided it was too cold and slippy.

My Alfie:  Love Personified

My most recent picture .... a rare moment of soberness on a night out.  I hate photos of myself, but this one i like, i'm hidden quite nicely by my hair and hand.

This is a photo of a photo .. one of my favourite pictures in exsistance.  This is of me and one of my best friends, Emma, on the statue outside FAO Schwartz in Boston, USA.  We were about 18 and it was one of my best holidays we were visiting my friend Gemma who was working over there .. one day ... the 3 of us will go back.

Wembley ... and a bus

A picture of me that a friend messed about with, i love it because I look eerie.

Bring Back Top of The Pops

They have just played the Christmas number one on the radio, Galaxy i believe it was.  I am really glad that Matt Cardle got to Christmas number one this year.  The campaigns to get different songs to beat the X Factor contestants to number one purely to irritate Cowell irritates me.  Yes, i understand the principle.  The number one being seemingly predisposed is annoying and it makes the 'race' less exciting.  But do we really want Christmas number ones to be atrocious songs such as 'Surfin' Bird' or whatever that RATM one was last year?  I, admitedly, can be a bit of a swearer (don't tell my Mum) and i don't mind a bit of it in the songs i listen to ... but there's something just wrong about swearing and shouting being in the song which is top of the charts on the magical morning of Christmas.  Bring back the Spice Girls and Mr Blobby all is forgiven.

Plus Matt Cardle is that little bit attractive.  The song is a pretty good song also.  With every song however, that the X Factor winner releases there is an uproar of  'they've masacred an amazing song!'... how?  By singing it?  I admit when one released 'Hallelujah' a couple of years back i moaned a little bit, but then i realised, it's just a different person singing it.  The song is the same, the winner clearly has a good voice so how is it being ruined?  It's just that the singer you like isn't singing it .... just don't buy it ... and stop moaning :)

The best Christmas songs?  Clearly 'Fairytale of New York by the Pogues' and 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' by Mariah Carey.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

I have reordered time .. I have turned the world upside-down ... and I have done it all for you!

Possibly my favourite gift from this Christmas period.  My little Sister bought me this:

Labyrinth on DVD <3

My favourite film from my childhood, and yet i've never had a copy.  I loved it and was scared of it in equal measure.  I loved the fantasy of it all, the magic, the friendships within it, the songs, Ludo, being able to control rocks, the fact that if you wanted to you could get rid of your little brother with a single wish.  I was scared of the Bog of Eternal Stench, Jared the Goblin King, a tunnel of hands and red furry things that could pull off and throw about, their heads.  I look foward to watching it again as an adult, i fear that the single scariest thing this time around will be David Bowe in the tight lycra leggins ... if i remember rightly.

If you haven't seen it ... your life will never be complete until you have ...

bring on Drop Dead Fred.


Turns out it is one 'g' ..........

Initial Musings

I don't know what i'm doing.

I've never written a blogg, or a diary or anything of substance that wasn't being marked by someone whose job is to point out what i've done wrong.

I don't believe i have anything of interest to say.

I want to say lots.

I often say the wrong thing.

My mind is often weird

I won't be reading through what i write to correct any spelling or grammatical errors .... my mind isn't perfect, i certainly am not perfect.

I often make up words or change the meanings of them to suit the sentence i am trying to construct.

Here goes ...

I decided today to start a blogg (double 'g' yeah?).  I've read (skimmingly) other bloggs before.  Most by people who are full of ideas, opinions, wit .. this is not me ...i'm not saying i don't have any ideas, opinions or some semblence of wit.  I'm just not skilled in putting any of them in word form.  Most of what i write will probably be pointless, uninteresting, bizarre.  I may write daily, weekly, monthly maybe only once in a blue moon .. only time will tell.  My mind is very active, i was kinda thinking, that the things i think are thought and then, that's it, they are out of my mind as quick as they came.  I thought a blogg might be nice snippet of my mind at a certain time for me to look back on ... and probably laugh and/or cringe, but look back on nonetheless. 

I really should have some kind of topic that my bloggs will be about .. at least some kind of template .. i'd go on a tangent too often anyway, so yeah, not much point in that.

I'm from Chesterfield, so if some of my accent accidently tumbles into my writing i apologise rate profusely i can't help it i was born in't Peak District.

So today ... it's Christmas.  I'm sure noone has managed to escape this fact.  My Nephew's first Christmas, this worked in adding a bit of much lost sparkle to the day.  He is 10 months old ... i have never said 'look what Santa's bought' so much in my whole life .. I had to be up at 7.30am, this would not have been a problem for me if i was under the age of 13, however, now i'm in the throes of adulthood and in the middle of fighting off a cold ... i decided, Scrooge had nothing on me in the 'bah humbug' stakes. Luckily this quickly diminished when the Nephew arrived and i started giving out (and being given) gifts.  I got a little bit spoilt, which, at 27 should not really be happening ... but i'm not complaining.  As cliched as it sounds though, for me, it's not about getting gifts, i actually get a little bit embarrssed receiving them.  My favourite ones are the little ones that are quite cheap and either will always remind me of the person who bought it me or is something that made them think of me. 

The day has sped by, it's now 32 minutes before the start of boxing day ... it amused me that i managed to placate a friend (<3) by telling them that boxing day was called so because it's when everyone throws out the boxes from their gifts ... I have no idea why it is called what it is ... maybe i'm right ... very much doubt it though.

I genuinely hope that you had the best Christmas possible xx