Saturday, 25 December 2010

Initial Musings

I don't know what i'm doing.

I've never written a blogg, or a diary or anything of substance that wasn't being marked by someone whose job is to point out what i've done wrong.

I don't believe i have anything of interest to say.

I want to say lots.

I often say the wrong thing.

My mind is often weird

I won't be reading through what i write to correct any spelling or grammatical errors .... my mind isn't perfect, i certainly am not perfect.

I often make up words or change the meanings of them to suit the sentence i am trying to construct.

Here goes ...

I decided today to start a blogg (double 'g' yeah?).  I've read (skimmingly) other bloggs before.  Most by people who are full of ideas, opinions, wit .. this is not me ...i'm not saying i don't have any ideas, opinions or some semblence of wit.  I'm just not skilled in putting any of them in word form.  Most of what i write will probably be pointless, uninteresting, bizarre.  I may write daily, weekly, monthly maybe only once in a blue moon .. only time will tell.  My mind is very active, i was kinda thinking, that the things i think are thought and then, that's it, they are out of my mind as quick as they came.  I thought a blogg might be nice snippet of my mind at a certain time for me to look back on ... and probably laugh and/or cringe, but look back on nonetheless. 

I really should have some kind of topic that my bloggs will be about .. at least some kind of template .. i'd go on a tangent too often anyway, so yeah, not much point in that.

I'm from Chesterfield, so if some of my accent accidently tumbles into my writing i apologise rate profusely i can't help it i was born in't Peak District.

So today ... it's Christmas.  I'm sure noone has managed to escape this fact.  My Nephew's first Christmas, this worked in adding a bit of much lost sparkle to the day.  He is 10 months old ... i have never said 'look what Santa's bought' so much in my whole life .. I had to be up at 7.30am, this would not have been a problem for me if i was under the age of 13, however, now i'm in the throes of adulthood and in the middle of fighting off a cold ... i decided, Scrooge had nothing on me in the 'bah humbug' stakes. Luckily this quickly diminished when the Nephew arrived and i started giving out (and being given) gifts.  I got a little bit spoilt, which, at 27 should not really be happening ... but i'm not complaining.  As cliched as it sounds though, for me, it's not about getting gifts, i actually get a little bit embarrssed receiving them.  My favourite ones are the little ones that are quite cheap and either will always remind me of the person who bought it me or is something that made them think of me. 

The day has sped by, it's now 32 minutes before the start of boxing day ... it amused me that i managed to placate a friend (<3) by telling them that boxing day was called so because it's when everyone throws out the boxes from their gifts ... I have no idea why it is called what it is ... maybe i'm right ... very much doubt it though.

I genuinely hope that you had the best Christmas possible xx

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