Sunday, 26 December 2010

A few pictures

I don't take nearly enough pictures, i've decided i will take more.  I don't have a posh camera ... or even a less posh camera, it's a phone camera, so i have it on me all the time ... i really have no excuse to not.
This is a picture of my favourite thing in my house.  I'm sad because it has changed.  Last night, i knocked it over.  On each of the 'o's of 'follow' was something that meant a lot to me. 

On the first was a stone, a pebble to be more precise, i aquired it when doing a bit of contemplation in our work chapel.  I'm not religious.  At all.  But our chapel at work is a beautiful place, i work in a Hospice, it's not necessarily a place for worship (well it is also) but people just go there for quiet time, to grieve, to think about their loved ones .. many different reasons.  Our amazing Chaplain puts things in there sporadically to make it more beautiful, upon this visit of mine there was a dish of pebbles, the idea was you made a wish then chose a pebble to keep and represent it ... i wished for love.

Not that I believe that this in anyway would help me in achieving said wish but i thought it was nice, so i kept my pebble, i've had it for about a year now

On the second was a heart pin badge, one of those small ones you get from a High Street shop in exchange for putting a pound in a cardboard collecting box.  This was a British Heart Foundation badge.  I aquired this when we  found out about my baby Nephew Alfie's heart problems (he has Transposition of the Great Arteries, hole in the heart and a closed valve).  To me ... it was Alfie's heart.

When i knocked it over last night everything fell off it behind my cabinet, i've since moved the cabinet and looked behind it ... nothing ... i have absolutely no idea where they could have gone ... i just know that they have gone ... i will however, keeping looking behind, perhaps daily, just incase they appear as quick as they disappeared.

Anyway, do as the sign says.

A few pictures of where i live in the snow the other week.  It was up to my knees, i have seen snow here many a times, but never that deep.  I love snow, for about 3 days i thought it was amazing .. then, i decided it was too cold and slippy.

My Alfie:  Love Personified

My most recent picture .... a rare moment of soberness on a night out.  I hate photos of myself, but this one i like, i'm hidden quite nicely by my hair and hand.

This is a photo of a photo .. one of my favourite pictures in exsistance.  This is of me and one of my best friends, Emma, on the statue outside FAO Schwartz in Boston, USA.  We were about 18 and it was one of my best holidays we were visiting my friend Gemma who was working over there .. one day ... the 3 of us will go back.

Wembley ... and a bus

A picture of me that a friend messed about with, i love it because I look eerie.

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