Wednesday, 8 January 2014

What lies behind appearance is usually another appearance.

I don't really do New Year resolutions. Nobody ever follows them, not for more than a month anyway. Go to my gym on January 1st and it is rammed, go on February the 1st and it's dead ... This happens every year, i pray for February to come so that i can park in time to get to my 5.30-pm class. They should be called month promises or some such thing. But this year i've got a resolution. I'm wearing lipstick, every day. It's not a serious resolution, it doesn't affect anything, but i quite like wearing lipstick.

Yesterday someone questioned why i wear makeup every day. Now, i don't wear it every day, if i'm not leaving the house i won't wear it, if i'm just popping to the shops i won't wear it, but i do wear it for work every day. I think the comment went something along the lines of "Why do you feel the need to wear makeup? You're pretty enough without it" .. Firstly, i'm not pretty enough without it and secondly i don't 'feel the need' . I don't need to wear it, i like to wear it. I enjoy the application of makeup, i've been known on a particularly boring day to take my makeup off and reapply it differently. I don't trowel it on like some girls, i don't make myself orange (i don't think, i hope ... tell me if i do!), i don't look like a drag queen (of which there is nothing wrong with looking like ... if you are a drag queen). Some people say "oh i like girls who are naturally pretty" not realising that 99% of these girls that they think are naturally pretty have spent and hour doing 'natural' makeup. It bugs me when people judge people on how they look, whether it be because they have makeup on, or because they haven't, because they have dreadlocks or blonde extensions .. stop it, stop judging. Maybe i've read too much into a harmless comment, maybe he caught me when i was moody .. It's not hard. ;)

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