Sunday, 5 January 2014

Our life is what our thoughts make it.

I've been reading other blogs today, lots of blogs .. The internet seems to be full of them. I've been trying to gain a bit of inspiration as to what to write about in my blog now i'm back. It's nice, I like the idea that there are millions of people just like me verbal diarrhoeaing onto their keyboards. Except most aren't like me. Most have some kind of theme, rather than just nattering about what their brain is thinking, boring stuff, unimportant stuff, random stuff, jumping from one topic to another. It doesn't bother me that my blog is just full of my own idiocyncracies, I love the idea that in 40 years time my grandkids will get some small insight into what was on my mind at a certain point in history. Or, when I become Queen of England people can see what I was like as a 'normal' person.

Women's blogs, on the whole, tend to be one of three topics. Fashion, food or children. If I had to write about one of these three things I would be buggered (am i allowed to say buggered on a blog?)..... I have absolutely zero interest in fashion. I like pretty clothes like most women, but I could never be fashionable. I'm not saying that I don't have anything that is fashionable, but if I do it is an accident ... I don't know what is fashionable at any one moment. I wear clothes that i like, because they suit me, or because i find them ridiculously pretty, not because of the name, or because Kate Moss was seen wearing it (Kate Moss?! how 90's am I?!). Food .. Oh food .. I love food, but I have about 3 specialities ... Carla's food blog would be the smallest blog in the world. Oh correction .. Carla's baby blog would be the smallest in the world, as I don't have any.

So, yeah, I didn't get much inspiration as to what to write about, so i apologise to those of you who often read what I write (for a lot of you probably out of loyalty, because you know me ... and for this I love you!) because I will definitely be sticking to my randomness, unless that is, I pop into Topshop and get sucked into that world and become a fashionista .. I'm excited for that day (don't hold your breath).

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