Friday, 3 January 2014

So last year.

Wow! Look how long it has been since i have written here. I've either gotten really lazy or really busy. I'm not even sure which, probably a mix of the two. Apologies to those that have been popping by to see that i've done nothing, nada, weirdly i have lots of readers from America and the Middle East, i've no idea why or how they got here, but 'hi' (i also don't mean to call you weird). I really appreciate that people have been reading even though i've not been here ... i promise i'll write lots more this year .. resolution if you will. I've got a few blogs on the go, almost ready to be posted but i'm going to start off with a really simple one. A quick recap of what's been happening in 2013 in a list, the laziest of all the writing skills i know, but i need to warm myself up, so here we go... my 2013 ..

I opened a new online business ( making wax crayons.

I had a dip-dye on my hair.

I've got pink hair!

I will be having blue hair.

I've been on 7 first dates.

5 second dates.

2 third dates.

1 multiple dates.

1 declaration of undying love (not made by me, by a man, an actual man, actually to me, yes, me! - this would make a ridiculously funny blog but i'm too scared to share incase he reads).

1 chest infection.

1 tattoo.

1 punch (thrown by me ... It was rather a good one too!).

1 Dublin break (this will be a blog).

4 serious hangovers.

1 26th birthday (i won't be correcting this!).

About 12 books started.

4 books finished.

1 knobhead neighbour.

2 falls.

Lots of tears.

Much more laughter.

I seem to be finding it difficult to remember what happened to me last year, my memory is shocking at the moment, i'm tired. I will update with some proper writing soon then we can all never mention this blog again and it can slip down the list into obscurity.

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