Sunday, 2 January 2011

To have and to hold

Thursday i went to my second ever wedding ... one of my best friends in the whole world, Charlotte was getting married.  I was also asked to be Bridesmaid, i've wanted to be one of these since i knew what one was, and i had to wait til i was 27 to be one!  I still loved it.

The night before the wedding, i went up to stay with Charlotte in the honeymoon suite, which was quite exquisite, and easily larger than my whole apartment!  We even had a bath in the main room instead of the bathroom!  Just as we were dropping off to sleep (well as i was, i don't think Charlotte got that much sleep) the groom rang to say he'd been speaking to the night porter about ghosts.  Apparantly there are two rooms in the hotel that are known to be haunted, room 31 and Coniston suite, rooms where people have been known to leave in horror in the middle of the night!  We were in neither of these rooms but this still didn't make sleeping any easier ... every noise from then on sounded exactly like the noise a ghost was likely to make :(  and the fact that i was in a room on my own the next day terrified me ... i actually made a special request to not get any of these rooms when i was checking in the next day.  I was in 107 ... miles away from any of the haunted rooms thank god!  Even when me and Charlotte went looking for these rooms in broad daylight the next morning ... in pyjamas .. it still seemed pretty spooky!

Anyway ....

The wedding was beautiful.  Being female i've often thought about what my wedding would be like.  It varies between wanting a church wedding, one in an old celtic castle or barefoot on an exotic beach somewhere.  Yeah 'm indecisive.  I might let any potential groom have a little input .. if i'm feeling generous ... But yeah, if i'm honest, i know i'll probably never be getting married as it is dependant on someone asking me.

Charlottes wedding was in a lovely little church.  And she looked absolutely stunning in her dress ... i was highly tempted to try and steal it ... i'd look a bit random wearing it on a typical Saturday night however.  We walked down the aisle to a beautiful ballad version of 'Auld Langs Syne' (the wedding being on the 30th December it was pretty apt) a version by Mairi Campbell played in an episode of Sex and the City <3 it definately brought a tear to my eye.

I wore a lovely champagney colored dress with a little fur jacket thing to keep out the December weather.  Luckily Charlotte has impeccable taste so i didn't look like a meringue bridesmad as is often famously the case.  I shall add pictures when i get some.

After the church wedding we had a candlelit dinner at the Abbey Hotel in Barrow, before the meal we let off heart shaped lanterns into the night sky after making wishes.  Mine had a hole in it, but i still got it to float away which i was glad of ... i didn't want my wish tainting!! lol.  Was a nice touch, and the heart shaped lights floating off into the night sky looked beautiful.

I had a great time at only my second ever wedding, i went alone but all of Charlottes and Dave's guests, family and friends, were lovely and all made me feel very welcome and we all had a laugh!  I completely forgot i'd never met any of them before.

So, thank you Charlotte and Dave for letting me be a part of it.  I can't think of a more perfectly suited couple than the two of you, i wish you the best of luck in the future .... i'm confident you won't need it x

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