Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One Born Every Minute

Monday night i watched 'One Born Every Minute' on channel 4.  For those of you that aren't familiar with it it's basically a documentary set on a maternity ward.  I love it.  It confuses me immensely though.  One minute i think 'there's no way on earth i am ever having a baby ... ouch' the next i'm thinking 'awwww i want one!'  The pain looks hideously horrendous and i'm the biggest wimp in the world.  One thing it has made me realise, when i have children, i want an epidural .... scratch that, 3 epidurals.  Or i might attempt to be too posh to push ..

or i might just buy one.

This week it showed two births, one was a woman who screamed the hospital down ... i realise it hurts, but seriously, she was flailing about as if she was drowning, kicking the end of the bed, almost jumping out of it ... dramatic.  Even after she'd had an epidural, she was still pretty vocal.  I found her irritating, but quite amusing  To be fair on her though, she did say before she went into labour that she wasn't good with pain.  The second was a woman who ended up having to have an emergency C-Section after being induced .... as if i'm even going to attempt to spell that word.  This was pretty similar to my sisters labour.  I was there for the majority of it, until she got rushed to theatre for her C-Section ... pretty scary stuff.

Overall, interesting opening episode.

It's on on Monday nights at 9pm ... watch it ... or +1 it ... Glee is on E4.

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