Sunday, 9 January 2011

All that glitters ....

This week has been pretty uneventful, i worked, then got a bit tipsy at the weekend with a few of my favourite people.  There was one thing however, which was that tiny bit weird.  Thursday, i found a ring in my handbag.  Quite an old looking amethyst and diamond gold ring.  I had never seen it before in my life.  It was very bizarre, my handbag is full of crap to be fair, so it could have been in there for ages before being discovered.  My Mum thought it might have been one of hers ... if it was, it somehow got from a box in her wardrobe, in her bedroom, at her house, into my handbag.  When i showed it her though, she'd never seen it before.

I put it down to someone, somewhere accidently dropping it into my handbag ... Until last night, when i was in a hotel in Birmingham, i dug into my handbag to look for a lipstick ... i found a ring .. a different ring .. silver, with white and red stones in (one stone missing), this, i had also never seen before in my life.  This promted me to search my bag properly .. i came across a third ring!  Pretty similar to the second one i found, but gold.  This proper freaked me out.  Upon telling people, their suggesstions on what was occuring, freaked me out even more.  My mum's suggestion was that someone could have been trying to set me up as a thief! That would have been fun.  I dismissed this though as surely i would have been accussed before i'd have had chance to take them out of my bag.  My friends suggested that someone else had stolen them but ditched the evidence in my bag to save getting caught ... i'd like to think i don't associate with too many people that steal things, and if i did, they certainly wouldn't have access to my handbag!

The ending of the story has a somewhat boring conclusion (apologies for you having read this far).  When showing my mum the new rings i had found in my bag my nana, casual as anything, goes 'oh they're mine'.  So i somehow managed to get my nana's rings in my handbag.  How they got there is still a complete mystery ....

maybe i bought a ghost back from the wedding ... i'm hoping not.

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