Friday, 18 November 2011

Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul

Yesterday we had a psychology session at work, we did a little bit of a task that got me thinking. The basic premise is that when we are stressed we forget the simple pleasures, ones that don't particularly cost any money. These are things that stimulate the five senses. Most of our pleasures, most of the stimuli that make life worth living, are derived from our five senses. We had to close our eyes and think of our favourite things that stimulate one of our five sesnes. Taste, touch, sight, sound, smell. Just take a second, think of yours. I'm going to list some of my favourite things that stimulate my five senses (some are ones my colleagues came up with but that i agreed with so stolen).

Taste: Chocolate orange, grapes, truffles, yorkshire puddings, lipstick, Pimms.

Touch: Water, a man's hairy chest, play dough, putting your face in that pin toy we all used to have as kids, kisses.

Sight: Bustling city centres, beaches, a man in a suit, snow, tulips.

Sound: Alfie's giggle, Ed Sheeran's voice, David Bowie's voice, being told a funny story by someone who finds it so funny they can't complete what they are saying because they are finding it hard to breath from laughing.

Smell: Roast dinners, Hugo Boss, candy floss, library books, flowers.

These would all put a bit of a smile on my face, so whenever i've got the face on, i shall look at these and try and indulge in at least the one.

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