Saturday, 6 August 2011

Each murder is one too many

So, there is a bit if an e-campaign to try and get the death penalty reintroduced. I've had a bit of a think about this, do i think it should be reintroduced? Ultimately, no, although i can see why people do. If i lost a loved one of mine to a predatory monster i'd probably want them dead too. It could only be a positive to not have these beasts alive, them being alive always leaves the chance that might be released, and even if not, we have to pay for their existance, their TVs, their playstations, their parties... as the media would have us believe. These are the only reasons that i agree with as to why it should be reintroduced. However, for me, the reasons to not reintroduce it far outweighs the reasons to reintroduce it.

To kill someone, is the ultimate act of barbarity, these monstors never took into consideration the right to life of those they murdered, so why should we take into account the right they have to live? Because who would aminister the death? A member of the victims family? A doctor? Whoever it is, they will have killed someone, granted not in a way defined as murder, but they have still played God and taken someones life. I wouldn't like the job.

Would it deter those with murderous tendances from comitting their crimes? I can't see that it would. I don't think people just fancy murdering somebody one day because they are bored, it is either spur of the moment thing (crime of passion) or they are tapped in the head and will do what they are being compelled to do whatever their punshment if caught, they obviously have no regard for human life and this probably extends to their own. The death penalty has been used in the US for a long time, has it cut down on their murder rates? No. They still have an overwhelming amount of murders. I rememeber reading somewhere that the murder rates are, in general, lower in those states where capital punishment has been abolished.

I'm less inclined to agree with the worry that innocent people may be convicted and subsequently killed, maybe it's naive of me, but i don't think the courts would sentence people to death unless there is no doubt of their guilt. Even a slight doubt i believe would/should require the reduced sentence of life imprisonment. But granted, it's a possibilty that is there, i believe history states that innocents have been wrongly sentenced before. But with the technology we have now this shouldn't happen.

What do i think we should do with murderers? I think life should mean life, they should be locked up, solitary confinement for life, in a room with little more than a bed and toilet, with enough food and water to provide a pitiful exsistance. Death for them, in my eyes, is a cop out.


  1. I wouldn't go so far as to say taking someone else's life equates to playing god (or God). Looking at just Christianity there are many references to the death penalty and also to war.

    I think people have basic immutable rights. One is the right to life and another a right to a reasonable standard of living. Solitary confinement with a bed and a toilet, for an extended period of time, is torture. I think it's right that prisoners get at least some quality of life.

  2. when i said playing 'playing God' it was more of a saying than the actual Christian connoctation, i don't believe in Christianity or any religion. I just meant that i don't think it's fair that anyone should hold the power to end a human life. I think everyones life should end naturally.

    I do see what you are saying about quality of life for prisoners, but i think certain criminals waver this right when they do what it is they do. it could never be quite as torturous as some of the crimes they have commited. But obviously your view is the same as the powers that be, since the most dangerous of criminals do seem to still have a decent quality of life in prison.