Saturday, 2 April 2011

Knock knock ... Who's there? .... Banana ...

Oh good evening,

Last Sunday i had an impromptu visit to the City Hall in Sheffield to see the genius that is Jimmy Carr.  Turns out if you book a couple of days before the event you can get pretty decent seats ... row D in the stalls ... who'd have thought?!
He was pretty brilliant.  But me, being the blonde i am, can't remember much of it .. no i wasn't drunk.  I just remember it being really funny.  He is King at beating down hecklers, even invites them into heckling.

So to recap on this highly informative blog post ... i went to see a comedian ... and he was funny ... oh the insight.

And i'm up at 6am tomorrow to do a car boot :( so if anyone comes across me i shall be highly grumpy.

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