Friday, 11 February 2011

Happy Birthday

Evening all, i've not been blogging much of late .. i've been really busy, ok ok, lazy. So i thought i'd pop by and just do a short blog about what it is that i've been up to.
Firstly 27th of January was the Birthday of my beautiful baby Nephew, Alfie. His first. He's such a sweetheart and considering all his heart problems a little superstar. Still not had to have any operations and they thought he'd need some straight after birth, so i'm completely proud. He had a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party and was spoilt rotten ... i bet it'll seem like no time at all until i'm blogging about his 18th! ... man i'll be old.
I spent last weekend in Newcasle, the first time i had visited the city. It was a lovely city, even if they do all talk funny. I lost count of the amount of times i said 'ya what?' (oh my Derbyshire accent is so beautiful and eloquant). If i'm completely honest i didn't see much of it except for the hotels and pubs, but i had a fabulous time none the less.
During my Saturday night out i did have an altercation with a bouncer. He was a complete and utter idiot (my words on the night were much stronger). I was sat on some steps in front of a fire exit because my feet hurt, and he came up behind me put his hands under my arms and pulled me to my feet. Literally throwing me in the air in the process and hurting all down my sides. Granted i shouldn't have been sat infront of a fire door, but how hard would it have been to gone 'excuse me love, you can't sit there'
Although ... i suppose .. with his accent, i wouldn't have understood him.
He realised he'd hurt me though ... mainly because i was a complete girl and cried .. but he kept out of my way for the rest of the night. Which, even though he was 5 times my size (and i'm anything but small) .. wise. I spent the rest of the night going 'i'm going to write a strongly worded email in the morning.' I didn't ........ effort.
Oh and i was told at the doctors by my nurse this week, that i had lost a stone ... go me :D

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