Sunday, 15 May 2011

Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom

It's Sunday evening, i'm tired, i have Pirates of the Caribbean on in the background, noone is talking to me, i am bored.  But as well as being bored i'm feeling lazy.  So i thought i'd do a nice simple blog, one that doesn't involve too much thinking or reasoning.
I'm going to do a list of things i like ... oh that sounds rather lame.  But anyway, i've tried not to be too obvious with my list .. i mean if i put 'spending time with friends, going on holiday' ... it would give no insight into me, as, unless you are a bit of a weird, reclusive, agrophobic bizarre person, everybody likes being with their friends and having holidays.
Ok i'll stop blathering ... my list:

conversations with weird strangers
the smell of library books
the Nephew's giggle
knowing what people are thinking
unexpected texts from him
saying something purely to get a reaction
making people jump
that moment just before the cork pops when you can feel the pressure
racing for the good luck grates
kisses you remember
tying ties
butterfly kisses
having ice
when he gives me that look
free stuff
in jokes
when the hair works
visiting a new city
having a long conversation with someone with an accent, then when they are waiting for my response going 'ya what?'
lame jokes
slightly inappropriate laughter that is made worse by the trying to stifle it.
made up words

I'm sure there's many more for the list ... i will probably add to it.

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